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David HeadShot 01.jpg
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Hi, I'm Mr. David

Welcome to my little site.  I'm an art teacher working in the Southern California area.  I've had the pleasure of teaching kids, teens and adults the joy of creativity and self expression through art for several years now, and I'll tell you, it never gets old seeing the students enjoy bringing their ideas to life.

My Background

Growing up being the artsy kid that was always drawing, I followed that path through school and graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.  I majored in Illustration with and Entertainment Arts minor.  I've spent years working in the advertising and entertainment industries, but I always made it a point to give back, to teach and help the new crop of young artists.  I remember going to many different art programs as a kid, and I know first hand how important and uplifting art can be for kids and young adults.  For some it's that one missing piece of the puzzle in a really profound way.  Since graduating college I've taught at various after school programs at just about every level.  From art exploration classes for young kids to more advanced college prep courses learning traditional fundamentals of drawing and painting.  If the student is looking to explore a new hobby, or if it's a student on a more dedicated path, I'm glad to be able to help an up an coming new artist on their journey.

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